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As I write to you today there is a hint of spring in the air. Easter is early this year which means that we could have one of those famous southern Easter cold snaps. I do remember hearing about an old storyteller who explained the Easter cold snap. He said that it was the Devil’s way of trying to hold back Easter. Of course, his explanation is not biblical, but it sure makes for a good storyline. The truth is nothing could hold Easter back. Nothing could keep Jesus in the tomb. He is risen!

One of the ways we celebrate Easter is with Resurrection Eggs. The eggs serve as a powerful object lesson for teaching children the true meaning of Easter. To make Resurrection Eggs you need 12 plastic eggs. Number them 1-12 with a marker. Place a Scripture verse and a small object in 11 of the eggs. For example, use Matthew 26:39 and a tiny cup to represent the Last Supper. Place a small piece of red fabric along with Matthew 27: 28-30 to represent the scarlet robe that was placed on Jesus. Use a small stone to represent the stone used to seal the entrance of the tomb (Matthew 27:60, 65-66). In the twelfth egg place the Scripture alone with no object. Use Matthew 28:6 which tells us of the empty tomb. For a list of all 12 passages, Google “Resurrection Eggs.”

Thank you so much for helping us share the joy and hope of Easter with our children. Most of them come from homes that have never attended church on a regular basis. Easter is just a spring break holiday to them. But here at LBCH, you make it possible for our children to learn of God’s great love in Christ. Please know how grateful we are for your support that is making a difference in their lives every day.
Remember, spring is a great time for your church group to visit our campus in Monroe. The roses will soon be in bloom. You will enjoy the tour and you will be able to see how God is using your gifts to bless our children and families. Call today to schedule your visit.

As you celebrate Easter with your family and your church, remember that you are also an important part of our family here at LBCH. Thank you again for helping us provide love, care, and hope in Christ for children and families in need at your Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home.



Your gift provides love, care, and hope in Christ for children and families in need. 56% of all funding comes from individuals and churches. We receive no state or federal funding for the care of children. All gifts are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


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