Short-Term Crisis Care for Children

Short-Term Crisis Care for Children


Providing free, short-term residential care for children whose families face a temporary difficulty. Crisis Care placements are for 3 – 6 months for children ages 5 – 14. Scheduled visitations are available for family members.

The unexpected happens... when it does, we are here to help.

Children cannot control their circumstances. Our Crisis Care program provides them with a safe and secure place to live until their home situation is stable. Children may stay in our Crisis Care program for 3 to 6 months. If they need to stay longer, we will welcome them into our Residential Care program for as long as needed.

Our Crisis Care program provides children with a temporary home away from home.

Our cottages are staffed with live-in husband-and-wife teams we call “cottage parents” who care for the children 24/7. Each cottage has the capacity for five children. Each child has his/her own bedroom and bathroom. All meals, school transportation, tutoring, and recreation are provided. We offer fun experiences and enriching activities for the children. Children in our Crisis Care program also receive medical, dental, optical, and counseling care.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a child is placed with LBCH, do parents lose custody to LBCH or DCFS? No, LBCH does not take custody of children in our care.

Do parents lose their right to make decisions about their children, including when they are returned to their home? No, parents are included in decision making for their children, and they can decide when they are discharged unless LBCH chooses to discharge the child for safety or behavioral reasons.

What are our considerations in whether to place a child? We consider the safety of the children already in the cottage where your child would be placed. Your child would have to function within the cottage family setting. Your child must be able to attend school. A willingness on your child’s part to be placed is also a factor.

Why are children placed in our Crisis Care program? Most of our children are placed by their families who are faced with a temporary difficulty and unable to care for their children at the time, such as: Parents needing to go into rehab, single mothers needing surgery and recovery time, grandparents raising grandchildren who are faced with age or health or financial issues.

Is there any cost to the parents if their child is placed at LBCH? No, the parents do not have to pay for the child to be placed here.

If the child is placed at LBCH, can parents call and visit with them? Yes, parents may contact their children and schedule weekend and holiday home visits through their children’s social worker.

How long does a child have to stay when they are placed at LBCH? In our Crisis Care program, the child may stay from 3 to 6 months, depending on the needs of the family. A child may transfer to our Residential Care program if needed and remain in that program as long as their situation requires, even through high school graduation and beyond.

Please call Family Services at (318) 343-2244 for more information.


Your gift provides love, care, and hope in Christ for children and families in need. 56% of all funding comes from individuals and churches. We receive no state or federal funding for the care of children. All gifts are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


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