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Halford Luccock, tells us of the time when he had a collision with a lady on a street corner at Christmas. Her arms were so full of presents that she couldn't see where she was going. As they both rounded the corner at the same time, they hit and the lady's packages flew everywhere. She fell to the pavement, unharmed but was certainly embarrassed and angry. As Luccock was helping her pick up the packages, the lady blurted out, "I hate Christmas anyway because it turns everything upside down." Without thinking, Luccock, a local church pastor, said to the woman, "Well, that is exactly what Christmas was made for, to turn the world upside down."

How true that statement is. Christmas is about a Baby who turned the world upside down. Isn't that what all babies do? Someone said, "A baby divides a family into two eras - BC and AD - before child and after destruction." Isn't it amazing, however, that the core of the Christian message is found in a little Baby who turned the world upside down. 

What did God want to turn upside down by sending us His Son? He wanted to turn upside down our ideas about Him. Before the coming of Christ, people felt that God was far removed from their lives. But now He is Emmanuelle. He is with us. God also wanted to turn upside down our understanding of ourselves and how He feels about us. We are not some biological accident and God is not apathetic or indifferent when it comes to us. We are the apple of His eye. He cares for us. He loves us.

God also wanted to turn upside down our understanding of salvation. In the coming of Jesus, God is saying to us that salvation is a gift. You don't have to climb some religious ladder to perfection. Salvation is a gift from the heart and grace of God. And finally God wanted to turn upside down our view of life's purpose for the believer. How are people of faith to live? We are to live in such a way that others can see Jesus, hear about Jesus, and experience His forgiveness and love themselves.

These are the things we teach our children at LBCH every day. God is as close as the mention of His name. He loves you with all His heart. You can know Him by accepting the gift of His Son. And God has a wonderful plan for your life - a plan that will give you joy and fulfillment as you serve Him and others.

I want to thank you all for helping us share the story of God's love with children and families in need. Your generous financial support gives us the opportunity to provide a positive Christian witness for those who need to hear about the Savior.

I do pray that the Lord will bless you and your family with a wonderful Christmas season. Thank you again for providing love, care, and hope in Christ at your Louisiana Baptist Children's Home.

Merry Christmas,

Perry Hancock, Ph.D.

President & CEO



Your gift provides love, care, and hope in Christ for children and families in need. 56% of all funding comes from individuals and churches. We receive no state or federal funding for the care of children. All gifts are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


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