Dr. Perry Hancock, President & CEO

Words from Home

by Dr. Perry Hancock President & CEO

It was time for the annual church Easter Egg Hunt. The Children’s Minister gathered everyone together and said, “This year we have a special prize egg. I can’t tell you what it looks like or what’s in it. When you come back lay all your eggs out on the grass and I will tell you who found the prize egg.” The children ran and started finding eggs.

When the children laid all their eggs on the grass the minister stopped at a little girl named Julia and declared, “Julia has found the prize egg!” Julia asked with anticipation, “Which one is the prize egg?” The minister pointed to a pale grey egg. Julia quickly removed the tape and opened the egg. It was empty. Disappointed, Julia spoke up and said, “But that egg doesn’t have a prize in it.” That’s when the minister explained. “The egg is empty just like the tomb of Jesus on Easter Sunday morning. The empty tomb is our prize. Jesus rose from the grave for us and gives us the hope of eternal life.” Julia spoke up again and said, “I sure do love Jesus.”

Before coming to LBCH, the vast majority of the children in our care have never heard the true story of Easter. With your generous and faithful support we are able to share the wonderful news of the risen Lord. Thank you so much.

I do pray that you and your family have a blessed Easter. Thank you again for meeting needs and changing lives at your Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home.